The origin of boxing is a somewhat subjective idea and can be argued indefinitely. There is evidence of the sport going as far back as the 2nd millenium BC in the Mesopotanian region. You could argue that since the birth of the human species this form of hand to hand combat has been in existence. It is the primal nature of this gladiatorial sport that brings such fascination for millions of people all across the world.

Philadelphia - also known as the city of brotherly love has a wealth of famous boxers present and past who learnt their trade in this famous American city that has such an intersting history. What is it about this place that has produced so many world champions? Historically it has always been a town that has had to fight and stake its claim on the shores of this great continent. It has seen good times and bad times but the people here have an indomitable spirit that has evidently translated into the ring.

the power and influence of the organised crime families spread across America they began to branch out into other industries and seek out new opportunities. They infiltrated unions, construction companies, extorted small businesses and even had influence within the political sphere. Sport match fixing and illegal gambling was something they set their eyes on and saw huge potential for profit. This is when they turned their eye on one of the most popular sports at the time - boxing.

Boxing is a treasured sport within the military and has been embraced by members of the armed forces for as long as it has been around. There are hundreds of amazing old war time photographs of military men gathered around to watch two servicemen battle it out. People who join the forces generally have a natural inclination towards physical activity. It makes sense that a sport as physically demanding as boxing would become so popular within their ranks

To me it is no surprise that the Irish despite being relatively small in numbers have had such a huge impact on the sport of boxing. They have been through some unimaginable hardships throughout their history yet you wont find a more friendly and welcoming bunch of people. They have a proud and vibrant culture unlike any other with a defiant and indomitable spirit that will never be overcome. The Celts are natural born fighters.